The first issue of the new open-access Annual Review of Policy Design has been published and is available online at . The Review publishes original articles and reprints of current and classic pieces dealing with policy design research and theory.

The articles that feature in the cover_issue_35_en_USReview are categorized into 1) Original Research on policy design, 2) Recently Appeared articles, 3) Classic Articles and 4) Discussions, Reports and Commentary on policy design. The first issue of the Review features original research articles that cover design and innovation in the public sector, matching of tools and goals in policy portfolios, evidence-driven policy design in complex adaptive systems and the concept of policy patching and packaging in policy formulation. Recently appeared articles included in this Review focus on a formal definition of the design concept, applying design theory to public policy and design principles for renewable energy programs in developing countries. The Classic pieces include those from 1970s by Hillier and Learman (1973) and Anderson (1971) on comparative policy analysis and design of alternatives in organizational contexts respectively. Two reports have been considered in this Review. One is on evidence-based reintegration programme design, prepared by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research and the other is a report on ‘Design for Public Good’ prepared by SEE (Sharing Experience Europe Policy Innovation Design) platform. SEE is a network of eleven European partners sharing knowledge and experience on how design can be integrated into regional and national policies to boost innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and socio-economic development.